Mission & Vision

Energetic language camps in Switzerland - A learning experience different from school

Learning languages ​​can be, and should be, fun! Our language camps are dynamic, diverse and energetic, as we truly bring the languages to life. We don’t favour the term "foreign" languages, as our aim is always to turn the “foreign” into “familiar”.

We like to make your learning experience as different from school as possible with Filolo, while being more educational. We do this by keeping small class sizes of just five students, with young and dynamic teachers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

A Passion for Languages

The name Filolo is derived from philology - composed of the ancient Greek words "phílos" and "lógos" - and literally means "love of language". This is exactly what we stand for - "A Passion for Languages!"

New Horizons - Bringing Languages to Life!

We want to unite kids and teens from all over the world, and provide them with a space where they can forge new friendships and get to know new cultures and backgrounds. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone can learn from each other and the overall experience - not just from our teachers!

Multilingualism - Turning “Foreign” into “Familiar”

The multilingualism found in Switzerland and Europe is a thing of unique beauty, and it’s a cultural asset that we use to our advantage here at Filolo. In our camps, you can truly become a part of the multilingual environment around you!