About Filolo

Hallo, Salut, Ciao, Allegra & Hello

Founder, organizer & camp leader
Sebastian Rueff (32)

Hello Seb, tell us something about yourself!
Hallo, salut, ciao, allegra & hello dear children and parents, my name is Sebastian but please call me Seb! I am 32 years old and originally from beautiful Stuttgart. Welcome to our FILOLO language camps in Switzerland!

Thanks to each and every one of you kids and our impressive international team, I can make my dream come true: to organize eventful language stays in Western Switzerland. With my background in youth work and my great passion for languages, people and cultures, FILOLO allows me to help young people from all over the world to further develop their language skills and also their personality. And every time I benefit from the incredibly positive and unique experiences, personalities and stories.

What do you like to do in your free time?
When I'm not taking care of everything related to the holiday camp or doing my second job, then I'm a passionate footballer and skier. I enjoy traveling on this impressive planet and discovering the wide world.

I love to eat well and usually too much and to be with family and friends. But nothing is more fun for me than making sure that you don't get bored for a second in camp!

What experience do you have in working with young people?
From 2005 to 2010 I worked as a group leader and tutor for the youth network in the city of Stuttgart. During my studies in communication sciences at the University of Friborg (CH), I was able to further deepen my knowledge of teaching with Spanish as a minor.
From 2015 to 2019 I worked in the management of one of the largest Swiss providers of language stays and was right in the middle of the action as a German teacher, ski instructor and camp manager. I also have a valid camp organizer certificate from the youth education network of the Canton of Vaud/Switzerland.

What do you find so fascinating about languages?
I was really not a perfect student and found the language lessons in school far too conservative and unworldly. Only afterwards did I really get to experience, feel, speak and at some point understand languages. I became infected with wanderlust and languages on my travels and study or work stays. I have lived and worked in Argentina, Ireland, Portugal and Brazil, among others.

The center of my life has been western Switzerland since 2012 and I am still enthusiastic about the multilingualism and the togetherness, even if everything is not always perfect here. In addition to German, I speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and respectable chunks of Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Arabic and Italian.

I would like to pass on all these impressions, experiences and my enthusiasm for people, cultures and languages with FILOLO.

Mission & Vision

Everything you need to know about our philosophy and learning methodology can be found here:

Mission & Vision

Our Team

Mr. Music 

If Alex isn’t working on the craziest projects with you in English class, then our Mr. Music always ready for jam sessions, karaoke and rap battles. The ardent football and NFL fan (Arsenal & Denver Broncos) is also happy about every funny and unusual program idea. Alex makes it possible. Just tell him what you’re up for!

The chef

Carlos or Charly is a trained cook, citizen of the world and an absolute camp legend. When he isn’t running his kitchen at a golf club at home in Dublin, he comes back to Switzerland every time and enchants us with his delicious creations. Equally popular with children and adults, Charly supports us in sporting activities or spontaneously gives a salsa or Spanish course.

Vive la créativité 

Diane’s French classes are bursting with energy, as are her creative programs at our colourful “Atéliers” afternoon. Our spirited southern French woman also offers daily yoga classes where you can relax or break a sweat – just as you want!

The real camp leader 

Florina is the heart and soul of the camp. Our likable Grisons woman always has an open ear for everyone and tries to fulfill all wishes. Younger children in particular appreciate them very much. Florina not only supports us in the office, as a co-leader in the camp or as a ski instructor, but above all with her consistently sunny attitude.

Ace sportswoman 

In the morning Lisa is either a French or German teacher and afterwards she is available for all sporting activities. In “real” life, Lisa is a lawyer in Paris, but can hardly wait to get to the language camp. In addition to her creative language lessons, she motivates our kids to do all kinds of sports. Swimming, football, tennis, even rugby and morning runs in the woods are part of her inexhaustible repertoire. In ping-pong she is still unbeaten today! Do you dare to challenge them?

The Deep Snow Diver 

Our snowboard and German teacher Valentin is an athlete through and through. Even in the heart of a teenager, he inspires with his infectiously positive nature and is always up for fun. In “real” he teaches and is doing his doctorate in sports psychology at the University of Bern.